British Blind Sports

ON 12th  NOVEMBER 2023

Mark Goodge (official Helper to the EDFF & AAFFF Member), Richard Warren (EDFF & AAFFF Member) and Steve Buck EDFF & AAFFF Member and an employee at Brockington college who held the have a go day) they nervously demonstrated the art of fly fishing to a group of blind and partially sighted youngsters and their parents at Brockington College. Surprisingly (to us) we were very well received indeed, considering none of us had taught casting before. Hopefully British blind sport will send photographs through in the near future, when they do I will share them.

Mark Goodge later met Neel and his Father Ash on a wet and cold grey day at Eyebrook for a 2 hour taster session on the water. With the guiding hand of Lloyd they actually caught a 2 1/2ld rainbow. Not bad for their first fish, Ash and Neel will be visiting again in the warmer weather next season.