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How it works

The Association is open to any angler, whether disabled or not, and the Associate (able bodied) members assist with the less mobile anglers to ensure that their visit is as beneficial as possible.

To qualify for the English Disabled Team, members must have been in receipt of the old DLA Mobility Lower rate, or in receipt of PIP Mobility Standard rate. Members also qualify to fish for the team if they have obvious physical or sight impediment, or are classed as profoundly deaf, or have a long term illness, which is not likely to improve. An accompanying letter from their Doctor must be provided. Also to qualify for the team, members must fish at least two of the other days afloat throughout the season prior to the qualifying competition.

How to apply


By post

c/o Steve Cranston
67 Orkney Close,
CV10 7LS

By telephone

Steve Cranston
07879 846359

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