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Benefits of fishing

The EDFF are pledged to try and persuade fisheries how to improve their facilities for the disabled angler, to encourage and advise newcomers to the joys and therapeutic benefits of fly fishing. We also organise the English teams and provide financial assistance to enable qualifying team members to compete in the International matches.

Team selection

How it works
Team selection is by means of a qualifying national match fished to International Loch Style Rules, with the seven heaviest catches qualifying for the Team and the next heaviest being travelling reserve.

In 1981 the first Qualifying match was advertised in National trout magazines. Nine competitors turned up to fish for the seven team places (six full team members and a travelling reserve at that time). Fishing techniques then were poor, and cards had to be drawn for the last two places.

The criteria to qualify

  • Members have to be in receipt of the old DVLA Mobility Lower Rate, or the PIPS Mobility Standard Rate and or who have a doctors note that their illness is not likely to get better and have been under the doctors for over 12 months

  • They also qualify to fish for the Team if they have an obvious physical disability or impairment, or are suffering from a long-term illness that is not likely to improve, and is supported by an accompanying letter from a doctor.

  • A deaf person can also fish for the Team but must be profoundly deaf.


Amongst the Associate Members, there are some that are classed as ‘Helpers’.

They help to the disabled anglers, and their tackle, to the boats prior to the day’s fishing, and at the end of the day help them get themselves and tackle out of the boat ready to go home. This is purely voluntary, and any dedicated helper will be invited by the committee to become an Official Helper to assist the team at the International Competition

I have been involved with the EDFF for about 10 years and was introduced to them through Ian Bradfield, i get great enjoyment at helping each and every member having an enjoyable day out on the waters.

we have a great laugh and a few fish are a bonus

Shaun Higgins

A Helper to the EDFF

A friendlier bunch of people you would be hard pressed to meet with differing disabilities and able bodied assistance available, but all driven with the same objective to enjoy a day out in the fresh air and in good company to hopefully catch a few hard fighting fish on many of our wonderful local stillwater trout fisheries.

Andy Miller Andy Miller